Sustainable Materials

Our swimwear fabric is made from high quality ECONYL recycled nylon. This performance fabric is resilient against chlorine, UPF 50+ and resists breakage up to five times longer than standard fabrics.

Based in Italy, Aquafil - the company behind ECONYL - rescues ghost fishing nets and discarded man made plastics from the ocean to repurpose into nylon fibre. Up to 40% of plastic waste in the ocean is nylon - so by repurposing this waste that would otherwise stay in the environment for hundreds of years before breaking down they are also helping to clean up our oceans.

Aquafil’s process of turning discarded ocean plastics and fabric mill scraps into regenerated nylon employs a system which uses less water, and produces less carbon and nitrous oxide emissions than standard nylon production. The final product is exactly the same quality as virgin nylon with much less effect on our planet. Today as we look for solutions to the climate crisis, a new circular model for industry is emerging.

Our apparel and accessories are made from deadstock designer fabrics and natural fibres including silk, linen and leather.

We consider all trims and hardware, using natural organic cotton woven labels, silk wash care labels and metal alloy clasps.



Versatile + Timeless

Our styles are intentionally designed as multifunctional, versatile pieces. A modern take on classics that stand the test of time for more than one season.

Our tops and bottoms are available separately so you can mix and match to find the perfect fit for your shape, creating multiple looks with just a few key pieces that seamlessly blend together, as rotating your swimwear adds to its longevity.

Both functional and flattering our designs are purpose built to wear beyond the beach. Layering with pants, shorts or skirts. Seamlessly working with your current wardrobe.

Mixing swimwear with every day pieces extends the wearability and lowers the cost per wear. A low cost per wear can be a good way to work out if you’ve made a good investment and help with curating a sustainable wardrobe.

We encourage consumers to make conscious choices and invest in high quality pieces made to last. 



Plastic free packaging

We do our best to make sure our packaging is low waste and responsibly thought out. Starting with our manufacturer, who ships our stock in biodegradable cassava root bags and cardboard boxes.

Your online orders are sent out in re-usable calico bags with no unnecessary swing tags or packaging. Both the swing tags we do use, and our thank-you cards are printed onto an uncoated and recycled paper stock. All packaged in a 100% biodegradable and compostable corn starch postage satchel and sealed with a compostable sticker printed with non-toxic inks in a solar powered factory in Australia. 

After a long time searching we are so happy to have made the switch to plastic free, compostable hygiene liners for our swimwear. Better for you and better for the planet. Read about how we're giving back to our planet in a bid for a better future here.



Ethically Made

Diverging from the typical ‘four collections per year’ model, Hakea reduces waste by releasing small collections on an inspiration-only basis, or evolving and expanding according to our customer feedback.

We’ve built a strong relationship with our small team of manufacturers in both Bali and Australia. We support fair wages, no child labor, good working conditions, workers rights and gender equality. We’ve visited our manufacturers in Bali to ensure the staff are provided with safe and clean working conditions and regularly visit our Byron Bay seamstress.



Environmental Care

We are proud to donate to charities and not-for-profit organisations who are creating positive environmental change. These include but are not limited too: Surf Rider Foundation, Take 3 For The Sea, Seed, SeaTrees, Carbon Positive Australia.

Read more on our journal here.