Tips to make your swimwear last

Taking care to buy clothes that last and learning how to look after them, is more important than ever during a time when the climate is buckling under the stress of over consumption. More brands are returning to how they did things in the old days, by making pieces that last and encouraging people repair, rather than dispose of their clothes. 


how to make your swimwear last longer


It goes without saying that the fashion industry has an immense impact on our environment. It's the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. Since demand leads to supply, we as individuals have the power to reduce its impact by making better informed decisions on who to buy from, buying pieces that are made to last and learning how to extend the life of our clothes. The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) report, found that extending the life of clothing (which on average lasts just 2.2 years) by an extra 9 months of active use, reduces an individuals carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30 per cent. Additionally, the overall cost of resources required to supply, launder and dispose of clothing is also cut by around 20 per cent.

Broadsheet interviewed our founder, Casey Eastwell, along with seven other swimwear designers, asking their tips on how to make swimwear last for many summers to come. From the classic hand-wash technique, to some lesser known but crucial do's and dont's, you'll find all you need to know here

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