100% of profits for Sea Trees and Thread Together this Earth Day


This Earth Day, we’re donating 100% of profit from every sale to Sea Trees and Thread Together. We wanted to give our community the opportunity to contribute to these important causes and show the planet the love it needs and deserves.

Both initiatives represent two important climate strategies. First, drawing down carbon which is the number one driver of climate change. Second, to assist with climate disaster recovery - something that is close to our communities hearts right now. 

Sea Trees reforest the ocean with kelp, one of the planet’s most effective carbon sinks. Planting kelp can sequester more carbon than any other ecosystem on the earth, helping to cool the oceans' rising temperatures, which is the leading cause of increased flooding and natural disasters we are seeing around the world.

We chose to donate to Thread Together, a nonprofit that is currently on the ground in Lismore helping communities recover after the record breaking floods in The Northern Rivers. Thread Together works with 700+ fashion brands, gathering clothes destined for landfill and redirecting them to the people who need it most. 

Where you spend your money can make a difference. 


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